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SenS Portable SSD


High speed data storage

Used with the SenS Portable the SSD Storage Module is an industrial-grade high-speed SSD storage disk

  • 2 x Thunderbolt 3 interface ports
  • Data storage up to 32 TB
  • Daisy chain multiple modules together
  • SenS SSD


The portable SSD is designed to work with the SenS Portable recorder to provide hours of high fidelity, dual-channel recording. Using the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology up to 6 modules can be simultaneously connected (e.g. 1 receiver module and 5 SSD modules) with extremely high transfer rates.

Technical specification

Connectivity USB-C (Thunderbolt 3)
Equivalent lanes 4 × Gen 3.0 PCIe
Total throughput up to 40 Gbps
Dimensions 233 × 75 × 150 mm (9.2 × 3.0 × 5.9 in)
Weight 1.7 kg (3 lb 12 oz)
Power consumption 20 W typ.

Up to 4 SSD modules can be daisy chained together to create over 7 hours of data storage (when the maximum real-time bandwidth of 100MHz is used).  To increase storage time, a smaller real-time bandwidth can be selected.

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