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RFeye Array 500


9 kHz to 8 or 18 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of  100 MHz

The RFeye Array 500 integrated, wideband spectrum monitoring system delivers extended low frequency, multi-mission capability and is suitable for outdoor, ground-fixed installations complete with IP65-rated radome.

Array 500-8: Receiver 2 x Node 100-8 (9 kHz to 8 GHz, IBW 100 MHz)
Array 500-18: Receiver 2 x Node 100-18 (9 kHz to 18 GHz, IBW 100 MHz)

  • Array 500

High-performance, twin-channel system for simultaneous wideband radiomonitoring and direction finding

The Array 500 is the “big brother” of the Array 300 and is for fixed installations. It contains larger spiral antennas on the lower tier, allowing accurate AOA measurements down to 100 MHz. It is available in two different receiver configurations based on the class-leading RFeye Node 100-8 with 100 MHz IBW and 8 GHz upper frequency, or Node 100-18 with 100 MHz IBW and 18 GHz upper frequency. The Array 500 uses a unique multi-layer approach that is more sophisticated and versatile than traditional direction finding. High-performance spiral directional antenna modules are optimized for different frequency bands and arranged in multiple orientations.

The Array is sensitive to the majority of incoming signal polarizations, including all linear polarizations, allowing reliable detection of signals, including those invisible to most DF systems. Timing and synchronization features enable combined AOA, TDOA and POA techniques, allowing all signal types in the range to be mapped, irrespective of signal power, bandwidth or frequency.

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Designed to be ITU compliant


Receiver specifications
Array 500-8 As per 100-8
Array 500-18 As per 100-18

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Frequency range options
Standard 100 MHz to 8 or 18 GHz
VHF extender Extends lower range to 20 MHz
Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
Dimensions (Ø, h) with radome 1.66 m x 1.63 m
(65.4 x 64.2 in)
Weight 175 kg (385 lbs)
Power consumption
Typical 80 W
Maximum 110 W

Array 500-8: Receiver 2 x Node 100-8 (9 kHz to 8 GHz, IBW 100 MHz)
Array 500-18: Receiver 2 x Node 100-18 (9 kHz to 18 GHz, IBW 100 MHz)

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