NCP Software Development Kit

RFeye® systems are capable of generating a staggering quantity of data in a short time. In order to take full advantage and to efficiently transport the data to, and communicate with client applications, RFeye systems use a proprietary communication and control protocol, 'Node Control Protocol' (NCP). The protocol is designed specifically for speed, efficiency and simplicity, and to provide for client/server authentication, simultaneous multi-client connections to a single NCP server, the ability to exclusively lock to a single client, the ability to tolerate unrecognized data and commands, and to be deliverable as a native 'C' client library and DLL.

A full SDK is available containing tools and libraries to help software engineers develop their own applications to run on the RFeye’s embedded Linux system, or to interface remotely with the Node using NCP. The SDK also gives configuration examples to make it easy for users to control how the Node collects and processes data.