Regulatory / Major Events

Get the most out of your spectrum.

CRFS’s regulatory customers understand that real-time wide area spectrum monitoring and interference geolocation are key elements of a forward-looking spectrum management strategy. More efficient usage and sharing of valuable spectrum resources in dense population areas, rapid and efficient resolution of spectrum conflicts and interference, assurance of emergency services frequencies and management of major events are all drivers of adoption. CRFS is the leader in real-time distributed spectrum monitoring, TDOA and hybrid AOA/TDOA geolocation with a wide range of fixed, vehicle and portable ITU-compliant systems.

Use cases

  • Resolve spectrum conflicts and interference issues
  • Manage spectrum assignments and quality of service at major events and rapidly locate illegal or interfering transmitters
  • Automate frequency usage validation and alert license violations
  • Manage real-time spectrum sharing especially for commercially used frequencies with reserved military primacy rights
  • Measure spectrum occupancy, usage and trends and improve frequency allocations and efficiency
  • Alert law enforcement and homeland security of potential threats such as GPS jammers

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