Military / Homeland Security

Are you in command of the spectrum?

CRFS is recognized as a best-in-class COTS supplier by several leading defense forces and our RFeye ® systems are widely deployed. We are a long-term partner and work closely with forces to provide specific solutions. The RFeye’s well documented open architecture enables integration with existing systems. CRFS delivers innovation, rugged high performance and outstanding value for money.

Use cases

  • Build EM situational awareness in real time and post-event
  • Monitor conflict areas and hostile neighbors
  • Detect potential threats with very high probability of intercept
  • Plan and manage tactical spectrum operations, including in spectrum denied or constrained areas
  • Plan and manage frequency allocations or ensure spectral purity on spectrum-critical sites
  • Manage military spectrum sharing with commercial users
  • Resolve noise and interference issues fast and efficiently
  • Geolocate rogue transmitters in complex spectrum environments
  • Support effective communications, test, training, telemetry, command and control
  • Track aircraft using 3D TDOA passive tracking

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