Critical Infrastructure

Defend spectrum critical sites and high value assets from RF threats and interference.

Effective real-time management of the RF spectrum on critical sites can mean the difference between a successful safe mission and failure, delay or even disaster. Sites such as proving grounds, test facilities and space centers must deal with many potential interference sources, including commercial wireless comms from land, marine, air, radar and other systems, as well as weather related EMI events. In addition, autonomous radio monitoring of the perimeters of secure compounds provides an extra level of security to detect unauthorized or illegal entry.

Use cases

  • Provide real-time RF situational awareness on spectrum critical sites such as:
    • Airports and air bases
    • Space centers
    • Government ranges, test and proving grounds
  • Plan and manage frequency allocations or ensure spectral purity
  • Resolve noise and interference issues fast and efficiently
  • Geolocate rogue transmitters in complex spectrum environments
  • Support effective communications, test, training, telemetry, command and control
  • Track aircraft using 3D TDOA passive tracking
  • Monitor perimeters of secure facilities for unauthorized entry

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