Our customer is a high-profile law enforcement agency with a need to protect their own offices from electronic surveillance. In addition, the agency had operational requirements to carry out RF monitoring and counter-surveillance activities in the field. Ideally, they wanted systems that could be deployed for both purposes.

They chose CRFS’s man-portable RFeye Stormcase and RFeye Backpack systems. These solutions are deployed and redeployed across multiple locations to provide RF assurance and monitoring as required with no need for installation. High Probability of Intercept and high-fidelity signal capture for later forensic analysis are features that have been key to our customer’s operations.

The challenge

A law enforcement agency had a range of RF monitoring needs. This included covert RF recording, as well as protecting their own offices and operational environments from electronic eavesdropping devices. Periodic manual sweeps by specialist teams were deemed ineffective due to issues associated with low Probability of Intercept or a lack of expert staffing / equipment budget.

The solution

Our RFeye Stormcase and RFeye Backpack were chosen as the ideal man-portable solutions with industry-leading capability in a cost-effective and redeployable package. These systems are configured to operate autonomously. Detection of signals of interest automatically triggers record, geolocation and alarm events. High-fidelity signal captures are then available for forensic analysis and demodulation as required.

The results

RFeye technology forms a key part of maintaining the security of their own offices and ensuring operational success. The redeployability, ease of use and performance of these systems allow the agency to rely on them to accomplish a wide range of tasks.