A national army required a system for complete EM situational awareness to manage and extract intelligence from spectrum, as well as geolocate signal anomalies and military radars. The hardware needed to be ruggedized for outdoor deployment and networkable over wide areas.

Their forces often find themselves in GPS-denied environments, and so a system capable of retaining RF monitoring and geolocation capabilities in this scenario was also a requirement.

Our customer chose CRFS as the best-in-class supplier of RF monitoring and geolocation systems. Our RFeye Nodes and wide area monitoring software provide real-time monitoring, analysis and geolocation capabilities. The addition of our GPS holdover module means these capabilities can be maintained even in the absence of a quality GPS signal.

Having worked closely with CRFS for many years, our customers know that they can continue to rely on our customer-responsive focus to provide high-quality training, and support any specific and evolving operational requirements.

The challenge

Our military customer had a need for spectrum monitoring and geolocation capabilities which would provide complete awareness of the electromagnetic environment.

In many conflict scenarios, their forces also have to contend with GPS jamming. The ability to monitor and geolocate in GPS-denied environments is important to this customer.

The solution

A large network of RFeye Nodes is deployed across conflict areas to provide EM situational awareness. This is used alongside our wide area monitoring and geolocation software. We have also worked closely with this customer over many years to solve some of their more specific problems. This includes developing GPS holdover to allow operation in GPS-denied environments.

The results

The force can now be confident in their ability to manage spectrum, extract intelligence, resolve interference and geolocate signals of interest, even in GPS-denied environments. They now have advance warnings of potenial threats, and the new spectrum intelligence is often key in determining mission success.