droneOur customer is a leading provider of products used on defense and security platforms with 20+ years’ experience in the sector. They were looking to provide a cost-effective, multi-sensor system to counter the growing drone threat. In 2017, CRFS was chosen to supply the RF detection component of the system.

Our high TRL, application-ready RFeye Nodes minimized work involved in integration with other sensors, while our SDK and API library were instrumental in the client’s development of a custom TDOA geolocation solution. CRFS’s customer responsive approach ensured this integration and development was a smooth process.

They have now created a proven and cost-effective solution comprising RF, optical and radar technologies to protect against drones in a range of conditions and scenarios.

The challenge

Drones are a growing threat in locations ranging from prisons to airports. The integrator was looking to provide a solution, which unlike the many existing products on the market, would be cost-effective for detecting and neutralizing drones in a range of scenarios.

An RF sensor with the best combination of performance, cost and ease of integration was required.

The solution

Our customer selected the RFeye Node 20-6 for the RF detection component. The RF specifications of our Node made it the ideal choice to ensure detection of even low power signals from drones in noisy conditions.

Our SDK and API library were used to develop a tailored TDOA geolocation solution.

The results

They have designed a truly cost-effective and flexible multi-sensor counter-drone solution. It will be effective in the vast range of applications and conditions where drones pose a security threat. This has added another world-class product to our customer’s defense and security portfolio.