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Winter Webinars are Coming

With the global pandemic still preventing us from travel and face to face events, and many of us still working from home, we are lucky to be able to engage and connect through virtual events. Following on from the spring and summer webinar series, we will be bringing you the greatly anticipated winter series!! Each upcoming webinar is designed to discuss the critical hot topics in RF spectrum monitoring, to help optimize processes and ensure practices are streamlined and efficient – providing the knowledge that’ll keep you one step ahead. So please grab a hot drink, a snack and join us for the following sessions.

Starting on December 3rd, at 12pm EST, we have: Spectrum Dominance – Supporting EMSO for the Future Force. [1] With the advancement of the electromagnetic spectrum warfare domain, and the rise in utilization of asymmetric capabilities such as UAS, it is crucial to understand the growing challenges posed by Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO).  We investigate this in detail and demonstrate how sophisticated, scalable spectrum monitoring tools can be used to augment Electromagnetic Battlespace Management (EMBM), improve RF situational awareness, and enhance operational security (OPSEC) across the installation, whether it be afloat, a range, or a base. REGISTERATION OPEN NOW. [1]

On December 16th, at 9am and 4pm GMT, we address some of the challenges faced by spectrum regulators in: How to avoid the risks when investing in regulatory spectrum monitoring [2]. Regulators face increasing pressures from a saturated RF Spectrum, these challenges can be dealt with by ensuring the technology for spectrum monitoring and interference hunting is robust, versatile yet still delivers maximum value. This webinar will cover how modern technology is being used to provide regulators with better, more accurate information to base their decisions on. It will examine AoA bearing quality and display, automated data collection and analysis, and TDoA on narrow band signals. We are delighted to be joined by Robert Thelen-Batholomew from Erkmar [3] – a global consultancy firm, specializing in spectrum management – to co-present. The topics will be supported by live demonstrations solving the technical challenges faced by many regulators. REGISTER NOW. [2]

To conclude this short series, we will be delving into the world of counter surveillance on February 18th 2021, at 9am and 4pm GMT. In How to create a best-of-breed Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) solution [4] – As adversaries become more sophisticated and adaptable in using the RF spectrum to carry out covert surveillance, signal detection capabilities need to be equally sophisticated. A single stand-alone solution that looks at part of the problem is never going to provide complete protection and security. This webinar looks at how to integrate a best-of-breed RF monitoring system and create an automated workflow of threat detection. REGISTER NOW. [4]

Once again we would just like to thank all those who have attended live, or watched since, the spring and summer webinar series [5] – we hope these winter broadcasts are equally as thought-provoking and encourage you to interact and ask questions. If you have any other questions, or would like to propose a topic, please get in touch.