The COVID-19 crisis currently sweeping the globe is bringing with it significant challenges for businesses. In particular, as measures to implement social distancing kick in, it is becoming increasingly necessary to find new ways to work remotely. We do, however, live in an age where this doesn’t significantly impact on our communications and our ability to reach out to our partners and customers. CRFS has worked hard to build a resource of demonstration materials that are accessible by us from any location with internet access, anywhere in the world, and can be visible to you and your customers, wherever you are located. This includes:

  • A live, real-time receiver and DF array network located around Buffalo, NY that we can access live from our offices. This can be used to demonstrate various spectrum monitoring capabilities such as: spectrum measurements, IQ recording/streaming, TDOA, AOA, AM/FM demod, 3D TDOA and pulse detection (and how they apply to AirDefense and DroneDefense) as well as much more. We can hook up to this live network either via our real time RFeye Site software or our automated spectrum monitoring software, RFeye Mission.
  • Our sophisticated RFeye Site simulation tools, which can be used to model network geometry and demonstrate various scenarios with virtual receivers and transmitters at any specified location in the world, no hardware needed.
  • An in-building TSCM monitoring network on which we can demonstrate our new, automated RFeye Guard system and software, which allow businesses to keep their facilities secure from bugs and other unauthorized transmitters by detecting and locating them via POA.
  • The new SenS portable coupled with our DeepView 2 analysis software. As the name suggests, it’s portable and we always have a couple to hand, ready for customer demos.

We can schedule an online meeting at any time to connect to one or all of these systems and provide a remote, live demo of our technology for you and/or your customers. It is especially important at this time to remember that we are not hampered by being unable to travel, and can still demonstrate how CRFS systems can meet all of your spectrum monitoring and geolocation needs.

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