After the success of the Spring Webinar Series we have been inundated with requests to run some more. And as we would hate to disappoint, we’ve launched the CRFS Summer Webinar Series!! However, this time we’ve brought some friends along. Each webinar will look at some real world applications of spectrum monitoring in conjunction with some industry experts.

First up on the 9th of July is I/Q Signal Intelligence – COMINT Capture, Decode and Demodulate. We will be joined by Decodio (experts in digital signal processing and signal intelligence), to outline how signals can be detected and geolocated then captured, extracted, decoded and demodulated to gain an intelligence advantage. Registration is open now.

Continuing the signals intelligence theme will be SIGINT in the modern near-peer environment on the 23rd of July. This webinar will discuss some of the developments and methodologies that affect modern SIGINT operations and ways to counter potential threats to help maintain a tactical edge over adversaries. Register now

Rounding up the first batch of military-focused webinars is Military Spectrum Management – Spectrum Awareness and Spectrum Dominance on the 30th of July. With swaths of spectrum allocated to the armed forces, spectrum monitoring is vital not only to control and manage what is being transmitted but also to control what your RF signature looks like to the enemy. This webinar looks at the challenges faced by modern militaries and methods to streamline and automate spectrum management to ensure spectrum dominance. Register now

On the 13th of August we switch our attention to drones and UAV’s with The Anatomy of an Effective Counter Drone Solution.  We will be joined by L3Harris (creators of Drone Guardian) and will look at the different detection and defeat technologies available, their pros and cons and how they can integrate into a complete solution. Register now

To round off our Summer Series on the 20th of August we look at the Capture, Analysis and Playback of RF data. Keysight will be joining us to discuss how complex RF signals, such as radar, can be recorded, analyzed and played back, not only for testing purposes but also to analyze and replicate transmissions from adversaries. Register now

There might be a final webinar that we sneak in at the end, but we’ll update you on that nearer the time.