As COVID-19 continues to disrupt normal life across the globe, we’re all having to adapt to the (hopefully temporary) new reality of working remotely. As part of that process, we wanted to reach out directly to our customers and to the wider RF community by organizing a series of interactive webinars. We’ve chosen a selection of topics that we hope will prove useful and informative, both for current CRFS equipment users and for anyone considering investing in spectrum monitoring and/or geolocation systems.

Registration is now open for the first two sessions, covering RF geolocation techniques. In the first of the series, Jon Bradley and Alistair Massarella will be demystifying direction finding techniques in “AoA Accuracy – Myths and Legends”. They will be discussing the factors that determine the true optimum performance of DF systems in real world deployments, and offering hints and tips on getting the most out of your equipment. Following on from that, Darren Nicholls and Tony Martin will provide a comprehensive introduction to time difference of arrival (TDOA) techniques, and explain why they are becoming the gold standard for geolocation of RF signals, in “TDOA – A Modern Geolocation Solution“.

Looking further ahead, in our third installment, Mickey Patterson and Eric Famanas will guide you through the three-dimensional version of time difference of arrival, 3D TDOA, and show how it allows for accurate and undetectable tracking of aircraft over a wide area. And rounding off the initial run, Danielle Simmons and Stewart Hyde will demonstrate how a wideband recording system, paired with a forensic analysis system, can allow you to extract and analyze RF signals from big RF data sets.

We’ll be running each webinar twice, at 8am and 3pm UTC, so it should be possible for you to follow one of them live, no matter where you’re located in the world. Sign-up forms are open at the links below, so register your interest now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Upcoming Webinars

AoA Accuracy – Myths and Legends

2nd April 2020

TDOA – A Modern Geolocation Solution

16th April 2020