Get ahead of the pack, CRFS open up their hugely popular webinar series exclusively on LinkedIn. Watch the AOA webinar with no sign-up.

The CRFS webinars have proved a pivotal tool in connecting with customers, partners and prospects, worldwide; filling a gap in a year that saw the cancellation of many face-to-face events. And from Monday 1st February until Friday 5th, CRFS will be serializing the popular ‘AOA Accuracy – Myths and Legends’ webinar, and no sign-up needed! The videos will premiere at 3pm GMT daily, so grab a snack and hot drink for a quick, enlightening tea break.

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What’s the webinar about? What you will see and when

AoA (Angle of Arrival) or DF (Direction Finding), is the RF locating weapon of choice for many organizations, in both regulatory and military applications. While an incredibly useful tool, it has its limitations. This webinar will examine the limitations and ways to use the data to ensure you maximize the value of the intelligence you extract from your system.

Topics include:

  • Multipath,
  • Co-channel interference,
  • Instrumental accuracy,
  • The impact of topography, and
  • Types of RF signal and their effects.

Monday 1st Feb, Part 1, we meet CRFS’ Jon Bradley, VP International Sales, who introduces us to the webinar topics and discusses how to make the most of your direction finding investment. WATCH PART 1 HERE.

Tuesday 2nd Feb, Part 2, Jon delves into the design criteria for your direction finding system, covering accuracy, impact of topography and optimal positioning. WATCH PART 2 HERE.

Wednesday 3rd feb, Part 3, Utilizing customer feedback to innovate, Jon highlights the usability and capabilities of the CRFS RFeye system. Exploring why a hybrid geolocation approach, to maintain constant situational awareness, is best. WATCH PART 3 HERE.

Thursday 4th Feb, Part 4, we meet Alistair Massarella, a CRFS founder and RF expert. He’ll be discussing the evolution of the line of bearing, and the techniques allowing for better performance and the extraction of more data information. WATCH PART 4 HERE.

Friday 5th Feb, Part 5, Alistair demonstrates real-time direction finding and the Angle Of Arrival (AOA) process using RFeye Site and the CRFS network of Arrays – displaying the intuitive interface designed for unparalleled geolocation capability. WATCH PART 5 HERE.

Get Involved

We’d like to encourage you to get involved and ask any questions you may have whilst watching, please do comment or contact us, and we will have a CRFS expert respond.

It would also be our pleasure to understand your challenges and give you a personal demo of the RFeye Site software, to see how CRFS can help you achieve your signal collection, spectrum monitoring and geolocation objectives. Please do contact us.

The winter webinars are still ongoing, sign up here for our next one, “How to create a best-of-breed Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) solution”.