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Angle of Arrival/Direction Finding Techniques

Angle of Arrival (AoA) or Direction Finding (DF) techniques are perhaps the most widely-used ways to geolocate radio frequency signals. In this white paper, we outline the various forms of AoA , including how they work, how they can be applied in practice, and how they can be combined with other geolocation techniques such as time difference of arrival (TDOA). [...]

Angle of Arrival/Direction Finding Techniques2020-08-18T09:01:19+00:00

CRFS Summer Webinar Series

After the success of the Spring Webinar Series we have been inundated with requests to run some more. And as we would hate to disappoint, we’ve launched the CRFS Summer Webinar Series!! However, this time we’ve brought some friends along. Each webinar will look at some real world applications of spectrum monitoring in conjunction with some industry experts. First up on the 9th of [...]

CRFS Summer Webinar Series2020-09-08T10:59:33+00:00

Remote Demos When You Can’t Travel

The COVID-19 crisis currently sweeping the globe is bringing with it significant challenges for businesses. In particular, as measures to implement social distancing kick in, it is becoming increasingly necessary to find new ways to work remotely. We do, however, live in an age where this doesn’t significantly impact on our communications and our ability to reach out to our partners and customers. CRFS [...]

Remote Demos When You Can’t Travel2020-07-30T08:58:17+00:00

Gatwick drones and spectrum monitoring

News of drones disrupting flights at London Gatwick airport in 2019 brought to fore the need for permanent, integrated drone detection systems at major airports. The Gatwick incident was declared a “deliberate act” by UK Police; not some hobbyist who accidentally strayed too close to the airport perimeter, but instead, someone who was purposefully trying to disrupt flights and cause panic and chaos. However, [...]

Gatwick drones and spectrum monitoring2020-08-21T09:40:00+00:00
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