Securing proving grounds and test ranges

Military proving grounds and test ranges are a key asset to a nation’s armed forces. Here, scenarios, strategy, forces and equipment are put through their paces to ensure readiness for the battlefield. Efficient and effective testing on proving grounds is the precursor to efficient and effective performance when deployed in live operations. This testing includes verifying that weapons and communications systems can work alongside [...]

Securing proving grounds and test ranges2019-08-13T12:36:54+00:00

Interference hunting during UAV testing & flight operations

Detect and locate interference during UAV maneuvers For effective operation of military UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in both live operations and test scenarios, over 10 separate frequency bands may be used at once. This is in order to operate the array of different navigation, communications, situational awareness and payload control systems on board. These frequency bands are generally shared by various other military communications [...]

Interference hunting during UAV testing & flight operations2019-02-04T16:36:54+00:00

Naval EMCON (Emissions Control)

In both battle and test scenarios, naval ships need to be able to enter EMCON (Emissions Control) conditions. This can mean restricted emissions (no uniquely identifying transmissions) or no emissions at all (radio silence). EMCON is used to ensure the enemy cannot triangulate the signal source and the ship using radio direction-finding techniques. Since RF transmissions are less common in the middle of the [...]

Naval EMCON (Emissions Control)2020-09-08T10:31:12+00:00

Electronic Warfare Support and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

Achieving information superiority is vital for military decision making. The increasingly complex electromagnetic spectrum is a key source of information for both strategic and tactical intelligence. SIGINT, either from communications systems (communications intelligence - COMINT) or from electronic signals from non-communications signals (electronic intelligence - ELINT), has developed at a rapid pace over the last few years. But it is more than demodulating and [...]

Electronic Warfare Support and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)2020-07-30T08:50:10+00:00

RF situational awareness on the battlefield

Electromagnetic emissions are everywhere on the battlefield, from HQ and individual communications systems to radars and jammers. This equipment provides an important role in delivering battlefield intelligence and security. However, the electromagnetic emissions from these same “essential” bits of equipment can make it possible for the enemy to detect, identify and locate friendly forces. This spectrum information can enable the enemy to deploy the [...]

RF situational awareness on the battlefield2020-02-12T15:25:20+00:00
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