Securing proving grounds and test ranges

Military proving grounds and test ranges are a key asset to a nation’s armed forces. Here, scenarios, strategy, forces and equipment are put through their paces to ensure readiness for the battlefield. Efficient and effective testing on proving grounds is the precursor to efficient and effective performance when deployed in live operations. This testing includes verifying that weapons and communications systems can work alongside [...]

Securing proving grounds and test ranges2019-08-13T12:36:54+00:00


When it comes to geolocation performance, you don’t need to compromise AOA/DF and TDOA are two different methods for geolocating signals over wide areas. You can read more about the mechanics of each technique by clicking on the links, but the key takeaway is that each method performs better on different signal types and in different environments. For many users of RF [...]

Hybrid AOA/TDOA2019-02-05T14:15:12+00:00

Direction finding in urban environments

Allowing direction finding vehicles to navigate the urban obstacle course Even the most finely calibrated Direction Finding (DF) systems can often seem to fail  when used in the urban environment. This problem can be attributed to multipath propagation. In an urban environment, many buildings reflect, shadow, diffract or block RF signals entirely. This can lead to uncertainty in the bearing as the signal of [...]

Direction finding in urban environments2019-02-05T14:35:56+00:00
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