Drones and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Securing national infrastructure against airborne intrusions Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), including nuclear reactors, chemical facilities, water systems and airports, needs the highest level of security against all possible physical and electronic threats. Like other sectors, CNI has to deal with the new and emerging threat of commercial drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These represent a number of different risks. The most headline-grabbing [...]

Drones and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)2019-04-16T13:02:52+00:00

Resolving RF interference at airports

Minimize disruption by resolving interference more quickly Communications, navigation systems and even autoland systems can be impacted by RF interference at airports. Preventing and quickly resolving interference at airports is essential for avoiding disruption, financial loss and serious accidents. For this reason, both the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) have detailed specific recommendations for handling RF interference to aviation. [...]

Resolving RF interference at airports2019-02-05T16:21:21+00:00
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