Real-time Monitoring

RFeye® real-time monitoring software has been designed and optimized to run as fast as possible to keep up with the very high rates of data capture from RFeye receivers. Rapid visual refresh rates enable users to derive maximum intelligence from the data.

Sweeps and time captures

RFeye software provides a familiar and simple spectrum analyzer interface for each connected RFeye Node, with real-time frequency and time domain spectra and constellation diagrams, 2D or 3D waterfall displays. Each Node can be output to individual displays, or displays can be combined and overlaid for more powerful analysis options with selectable data processing modules. Individual elements of a more complex mission can be controlled and configured per Node. For example, after obtaining a TDOA geolocation result using a GPS synchronised RFeye network, an individual Node can be selected based on proximity to the signal for targeted time captures and further detailed analysis.

Masks triggers and alarms

The software can be configured to issue alarms via the local system, to log files, SMS and email from user-defined triggers and spectrum masks. Simple mask break scenarios can be useful for triggering alarms when any signal exceeds an expected background spectrum of known signals, or more advanced modules allow notifications on events such as detection of certain modulation types and channel identification.