RFeye DeepView

RFeye® DeepView software is the ultimate forensic tool for searching through very large datasets for signals of interest. Designed for use with the RFeye Portable Recorder, it allows you to control and record with multiple receiver channels. The record process automatically indexes and stores the vast amounts of measured data ready for fast in-depth post-analysis search for instantaneous pulses and other signals of interest, greatly minimizing post-processing and analysis time.

DeepView 1

The four signal views available in RFeye DeepView are spectrum overview, spectrogram, power vs. time and snapshot spectrum, all colour-graded based on the number of hits (as in the screen shots). You can select and zoom in to a great depth in both time and frequency domains, and the other three displays simultaneously update and show the corresponding view, giving you the capability to pinpoint and analyze a signal of interest more easily and efficiently. RFeye DeepView also enables you to examine the selected signal using a dynamic index marker.

DeepView 2

RFeye DeepView automatically indexes and stores full-rate I&Q data in real-time, so that searching and playback can commence quickly when the recording interval has completed, This allows the user quickly and easily to locate signals of interest in data sets of many TeraBytes of recorded data.

DeepView 3

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RFeye DeepView is designed to be used with our Portable Recorder