Wired Synchronization for Nodes

Continuous TSCM monitoring and geolocation requires precise timing synchronization between the Nodes. In indoor deployments where a GPS signal is generally not available, CRFS's proprietary SyncLinc™ provides exceptional timing accuracy.


RFeye SyncLinc

SyncLinc allows multiple RFeye Nodes to be time-synchronized together. The goal is to allow each node to capture data within one sampling clock cycle of another, by distributing an accurate timing reference from a master sensor to a group of slave sensors. The SyncLinc system operates over a standard CAT5 cable network that it is independent of the data transfer network. The use of a wired network in this way allows accurate timing control of the RFeye Nodes in deployments where a GPS signal is not available (for example inside buildings). Both Ethernet (Cat 5) and optical versions are available.