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Nexus modules use the PCIe standard that enables a new approach to wide area peer-to-peer networks for distributed signal intelligence systems.

This provides exceptional performance over switched optical fibre PCIe networks for high speed data transfer, signalling and synchronization.

Nexus Receivers

Nexus Receiver modules are available in R-8 (9 kHz to 8 GHz) and R-18 (100 kHz to 18 GHz) versions and provide up to 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. The excellent noise figure and low spurious levels enable the receiver to distinguish very low power signals from the noise floor. It sweeps at up to 390 GHz/s (at 2 MHz resolution bandwidth) and has class-leading phase noise characteristics normally associated with laboratory-based equipment.

The Receivers are fully PCIe capable for high speed IQ data streaming and can be directly connected to and controlled by a PC via a VPX backplane or PCIe cable connector (optical or copper). PCIe is the highest performance peer to peer networking architecture.

Multiple RF input ports allow comparison of signals from different antennas and support for direction finding. Timing and synchronization features allow correlation of data between multiple modules for accurate geolocation of target signals using Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) or Power on Arrival (POA) techniques.