About CRFS

CRFS provides best-in-class solutions for radio spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation.

CRFS offers a new generation of technology for the detection, identification and geolocation of signals in complex RF environments. Typical challenges faced by our customers include:

  • Management of spectrum critical sites
  • Malicious or accidental interference
  • Unauthorized use of licensed spectrum
  • Frequency jamming
  • Threats to national security or public safety
  • Bugging or compromise of secure facilities
  • Border and perimeter monitoring
  • EM situational awareness
  • Major events planning and management

CRFS is recognized by those in the know as truly "best in class" - our RFeye systems are deployed worldwide by regulatory, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

What makes us different?

  • Inventors of the unique and world beating RFeye technology

  • Experts in the application of RF technology and leaders in real-time distributed RF monitoring and geolocation

  • A full solution provider using a unique combination of our RFeye products, system integration, customization, training and support

  • Innovators at the forefront of new technology

  • Easy to work with and extremely customer responsive

  • Committed to providing the best value-for-money solutions