The RFeye is an extremely versatile system suited to many different applications

It is designed for continuous remote monitoring of the spectrum with very high sensitivity and sweep speeds for high probability of signal intercept. It provides real-time access to what is happening in the spectrum, as well as advanced data logging capability that allows mapping, display and analysis of high volume spectrum data.

RFeye fully supports direction finding and radio geolocation techniques, including AOA, TDOA and POA, for accurate pinpointing of suspicious or unauthorized transmitters. Multi-user, multi-mission capability comes as standard with the RFeye. We provide a range of high performance cost-effective solutions and products for the following applications:

Security & Surveillance

Scalable real-time RF monitoring systems and TSCM solutions for sensitive and secure rooms, buildings, sites and a variety of other areas.

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Regulatory & Enforcement

CRFS provides RF monitoring systems and solutions to help manage the increasing complexities of regulating and enforcing spectrum usage.

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Military Spectrum Operations

CRFS offers a number of RF monitoring solutions to support spectrum operations both for military bases, training grounds and proving grounds, and for in-theater planning and operations.

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