RFeye Site


State-of-the-art desktop application for managing complex spectrum operations in-building or over large areas



RFeye Site allows networks of RFeye Nodes to be managed and controlled and multiple different tasks and missions to be defined and performed. It has the latest .Net tools to provide a uniquely configurable and powerful visual interface with full object-orientated command and control, real-time spectral displays in multiple formats and advanced mapping capabilities, including 3D displays.

Unique multi-user, multi-mission capability
Each individual RFeye Node or all nodes in the network can be assigned tasks from a large configurable menu, ranging from requests for basic spectrum sweeps and occupancy measurements, to the detection and alerting of spectrum events, to advanced signal classification and real-time geolocation of targets of interest. Multiple users can simultaneously make multiple requests of all or any of the nodes over wired or cellular networks.

Real-time geolocation and direction finding
Optional plug-in modules are available for TDOA, AOA and POA geolocation. These support multiple simultaneous geolocations on multiple frequencies. Results are plotted on 2D or 3D maps and are displayed as heat map probability overlays. Multiple results can be overlaid onto the map for ease of visualization and analysis. The mapping tools include full zoom facility and ability to display many simultaneous maps. SRTM data overlay is available to aid geolocation analysis.

Flexible user-configurable GUI
Depending on the level of expertise of the user, the GUI can be provided as fully configurable or pre-configured with simple controls. RFeye Site also comes with a flexible configuration tool to allow users to create their own custom configurations.